Foam Rollers - £10 to £20

There are some superb foam rollers in this price range which can provide the relief you need after a hard workout at home or in the gym.


Among the leading brand names you'll find here are Maximo Fitness, 66fit, VLFit, PROTONE, PhysioRoom, fitnessXzone, REEHUT and Fit Nation.These rollers will really hit the mark when it comes to deep massage, pain relief and toning your muscles.


Foam rollers not only stretch muscles and tendons but they also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue that causes trigger points and knots in muscles. They are great devices for assisting recovery after putting your muscles through their paces.



The rollers features in the budget £10 to £20 are more than capable of getting rid of tightness and discomfort which has built up in your muscles.


They really are remarkable devices for aiding recovery when your muscles are feeling under strain after a running session or workout in your local health club or gymnasium.


Rollers are very effective tools for self-massage -  the technical name for this is myofascial release. This technique involves placing gentle, sustained pressure on your body’s soft tissues while, at the same time, traction is applied to the soft connective tissue above your muscles. This soft tissue is softened and lengthened by regular foam rolling and scar tissue between the muscles and the skin is broken down.


The friction from rolling up and down painful areas is great for pulling apart stuck fascial adhesions - in contrast, the static compression of a trigger point muscle knot for around a minute also works a treat. You just need to lie  motionless on the sore spot and feel the tightness and discomfort melt away. If the discomfort is severe you should try some deep breathing to help calm the nervous system and change your focus. 


Foam roller deep-tissue massage and other recovery work requires a long-term commitment in order to prove to be truly effective. Don't expect instant results - it can take a period of weeks or months in order to gradually become more mobile and strong, and secondly in order to maintain long and smooth muscles.