Foam Rollers under £10

There are plenty of foam rollers available to buy for under a tenner - so you don't need to spend big money to get going with some rolling sessions.


These rollers are ideal for beginners but you may wish to buy a higher quality roller when you become a bit more experienced at using one.


You'll find a range of smooth surface rollers in this price range and also plenty of rollers with dimples or raised nodules for greater muscular penetration.


Leading brand names available in this cheap price bracket include Fit Nation, REEHUT, VLFit, Core Balance, 66fit and PhysioWorld.



Foam rollers are excellent massage tools for enabling you to effectively target many muscle groups in your body and then perform your own myofascial release on the muscles and the overlying fascia.


They do a great job of using the weight of your body to enable you to reduce any tightness or pain you are experiencing in your muscles which may have developed as the result of a heavy workout session in the gym, for example. Rollers can also help to increase the circulation of blood to soft tissues in your body.


There are some excellent rollers in this cheap price range under £10. Admittedly you won't find any deluxe foam rollers in this price category but those we do feature are manufactured to a high standard and are more than capable to working your tired or sore muscles. Most of them are the smaller size which is around 30cms to 45cms in length.


Rollers come in many shapes and sizes - they can be fully cylindrical while some a slightly oval in shape. Some are solid structures made of low, medium or high density foam - others have a hard outer shell and a hollow interior.


Beginners often start with a low density foam until their muscles get accustomed to the pressure exerted on them when rolling. After a while a beginner will be rolling pain-free over longer smoother muscles, and it will be time to step up to a denser foam roller. This will immediately show you new trigger points you didn’t know you had.


Using a foam roller is reasonably straightforward but it can take some time to master the process. You start out by putting your body weight on top of the roller, with the muscles you are targeting pressed against the device. Next you need to control the pressure by using your hands and feet to lift yourself off the roller or to let yourself down onto the roller.


If one position feels too difficult or uncomfortable it's simply a case of trying another position. You can try out many different positions - perpendicular, parallel or at 45 degrees to the best out of a rolling session.