Vibrating Foam Rollers

The vibrating roller is a fairly recent concept which has added an exciting new dimension to foam rolling - it may look similar to a traditional roller but it runs on batteries for extra power.


The vibration feature in this type of roller assists extra deep penetration into tight muscles and also helps warm up your body before a workout by increasing circulation.


Various levels of vibration are available in these battery-powered devices, with three and five intensity options being the most common. Vibration levels typically range from around 1,000 to 5,000 vibrations per minute, depending on the device and the intensity setting.


We feature a range of top quality vibration foam rollers including the award-winning Vyper 2 by Hyperice and the TriggerPoint GRID Vibe Plus.



This innovative type of roller has plenty of benefits to offer you, whether you are experienced in the art of foam rolling or a newcomer.


As with standard non-powered rollers, the vibrating type is available with either a smooth surface - which is great for novices - or a surface featuring molded gel knobs or nodules for intense penetration into tight muscles.


The range of vibration varies from one brand of vibrating roller to another but, as a guide, 1,500 vibrations per minute is about the norm for a low setting and 4,000 vibrations per minute is the level on a high setting.


These devices are very effective at loosening and lengthening muscles and working those stubborn knotted muscles. They also assist with recovery after a demanding workout by tackling stiffness and muscle tightness.


Vibrating rollers really are excellent for self-massage, sometimes referred to by its technical term of myofascial release.  This technique involves placing gentle, sustained pressure on your body’s soft tissues while, at the same time, traction is applied to the soft connective tissue above the muscle.


This tissue is softened and lengthened and scar tissue between the muscles and the skin are broken down.  A vibrating foam roller can also help relieve some types of muscle and joint pain not caused by these adhesions.


These powered rollers have various levels of vibration intensity, ranging from low to high, so you can set them for customised results. They usually feature rechargeable batteries which run for around two to six hours on a single charge, depending on the make and model.


We have an impressive range of vibrating rollers including the popular Vyper 2 device which will run for two hours on a single charge of the on-board lithium-ion batteries.


The TriggerPoint GRID Vibe is another highly regarded roller and does a great job of easing muscle discomfort in the lower legs, hips, back and shoulders.

A cheap entry-level vibrating roller will cost around £20 to £30 - models in this price bracket include the four-speed Nicololfle Roller and the Crewell Electric Roller.


However, if you take your rolling seriously you may wish to spend a bit more for a better specification that really hits the spot. These include the Deluxe Vulken roller, the Blackroll Orange Booster Roller and the five-speed LieYuSport Vibrating Roller.


Another imaginative idea is the vibrating roller which has a bluetooth speaker built into it so you can listen to your favourites tunes while working on your muscles.