Foam Rollers over £50

The foam rollers in this price range are the jewels in the crown when it comes to quality, durability and effectiveness.


They say you get what you pay for - and what you are getting here is a selection of deluxe rollers which are manufactured to the highest standards to help you get the best results in your rolling sessions.


You'll find some absolutely superb rollers here including those in the highly regarded Chenyuan and XUELIANG ranges. There are also several top-of-the-range vibrating rollers for extra deep massage, including the impressive Hyperice Vyper, the Vulken 4, the LieYuSport roller and the Santonliso five-speed roller.


These luxury rollers can really work wonders in helping you smooth the fascia in your muscles, assist with rehabilitation, break down trigger points and boost your general mobility and fitness levels.



It's worth spending a bit extra to be able to have full confidence you are investing in a top quality product that won't let you down - a cheap roller made of inferior material just won't cut it with any rolling enthusiast who wants to get the relief they require after a serious energetic work out in their local gym or running track.


If you want to get the most out of your foam rolling sessions it's important to warm your muscles up before going to work with your roller. A spell of stretching for five or 10 minutes is a good way to warm up - some fitness enthusiasts opt for a spot of skipping, walking, jogging, or a dynamic mobility routine.


A stretching routine is also beneficial after you have completely your rolling session. Static stretching routines performed immediately after rolling encourage myofascial release and the lengthening of your muscles.


Stretching cold or knotty muscles will only make them tighter. It’s like tying a knot in a rubber band and then pulling both ends - the knot just gets tighter. The situation is the same with knots in your muscles.


By working systematically through the various muscle groups with a foam roller you can redefine and improve your body's functionality. If the muscles of your body are tight they can't properly tolerate the demands you place upon them during exercise or regular life activity, and you can get injured.


Integrating a regime of trigger point release or self myofascial release (SMR) into your daily training routine will make your work outs more effective and efficient, while speeding recovery from earlier sessions and helping prevent potential injuries.


Whether you are preparing for an athletic event, working out at home, taking a fitness class or are about to do an intense metabolic training session, it's important to take the time to prepare your connective tissues and muscles by exercising with a foam roller. Doing self myofascial release or trigger point release will help ensure you get maximum results from your regular work outs.


There are plenty of top quality smooth surface rollers in this deluxe price range, as well as many high density expanded polypropylene (EPP) rollers, with nodules or dimples to help break down those painful trigger points.


The innovative battery-powered rollers in this upper price bracket are all the rage and can help you reach the spots that some other cheaper devices just can't penetrate.


Another impressive roller in this deluxe price range is the HighRoller, the worlds' first elevated foam roller. This innovative device features a roller which is raised off the ground on four adjustable legs, allowing the device to be set up in a range of different positions for all your rolling needs.