Foam Rollers - £30 to £50

If you take your foam rolling seriously and are looking for a top quality replacement for your current device, you're sure to find something that fits the bill in this price range.


These rollers are not the cheapest around, but they are built to last and meet the needs of the dedicated rolling enthusiast who want results when it comes to dealing with tired muscles and trigger points.


Using a roller is a great way to assist recovery after a strenuous session in the gym and it's the perfect device to condition your muscles to help you avoid injury in future workouts.


There's plenty of choice in this price range which includes the highly regarded TriggerPoint GRID roller and several battery-powered vibrating rollers for extra deep muscle penetration.



The foam rollers in the £30 to £50 are manufactured to the highest standards and will serve any athlete or rolling devotee faithfully when it comes to effective myofascial release.


Personal fitness and keeping your muscles in good shape doesn't just apply to those that are members of a health centre or athletics club - it also applies to exercise enthusiasts who like to working out at home or take to the local park for a run.


So these foam rollers can meet the needs of anyone who want to work on tired muscles after a demanding exercise session. Using a roller for self myofascial release enables you to enhance performance by creating strong, elastic muscles that can produce force, reduce force, and stabilise force in multiple planes of motion, encouraging high levels of performance and reducing the risk of injury.


A roller is a great tool to eliminate and prevent muscle knot - it really offer an affordable alternative to having to pay for expensive sessions with a massage therapist.


Knots or trigger points can cause joint pain and muscle dysfunction that can ultimately lead to injury. A roller will help to release the tension in your weary muscles and also assist recovery after a workout.


Rollers offer a highly effective way to treat and prevent the most common strains and injuries seen in athletes and fitness enthusiasts. A few minutes a day with a foam roller can help keep you feeling fit and healthy for years to come.


The rollers in this price range are right up there with the best around and include the popular TriggerPoint GRID roller. They may, however, be a bit too expensive for someone just starting out with rolling. If you are a beginner and want a basic introductory device you're sure to find something that appeals to you in our range of cheap foam rollers.