Foam Roller Kits

Why not treat yourself to a foam roller kit to really get the best out of your massage therapy sessions? These versatile bundles provide all the gear you need for a full deep tissue massage regimen.


Our featured kits usually comprise a trigger point foam roller, a muscle roller stick, two massage balls and a sports carry bag. Some also include resistance bands, elastic yoga stretching straps and a peanut shaped massage roller.


A foam roller kit can provide everything you need for a thorough round of deep issue massage and would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or relative who is into personal fitness.


Leading brand names for these kits include Maximo Fitness, YogiMall, PluZEN and 66Fit. Prices range from around £15 to £70.



These various elements of these all-in-one foam roller kits mean you will be well-equipped to get your deep massage programme underway - the foam roller can tackle knots in most of your main muscle groups, the massage stick can assist with improving your circulation and the massage balls can go to work on hard-to-reach muscles.
There are plenty of top quality roller kits to choose from - among those which catch the eye is the YogiMall All-In-One Massage & Fitness 10 Piece Mobility Kit, which costs around £20.


This has an impressive selection of items including a high density foam roller, massage stick, lacrosse massage ball, three resistance loop exercise bands, a spiky ball and a carry bag.


An interesting variation on the standard bundle set is one which stores all the various items inside the body of the main foam roller. A good example is the 66fit Trigger Point Massage Roller Kit which features a foam roller, with a mini roller and two acupressure massage balls stored inside it.


Another great option is the Steelman Strength Foam Roller Kit which is fantastic value at around £15. This includes a grid textured foam roller, a massage stick, a lacrosse ball, a spiky ball and a handy booklet showing a range of rolling exercises you can try out.


If you want to buy something a bit up-market you may be interested in something like the HYBCKYA Yoga Fitness 3-In-1 Foam Roller Kit. This costs around £50 and comprises a deluxe 18" high density EVA foam roller, a 52.5cm long muscle roller stick and a lacrosse massage ball.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the art of foam rolling, it's definitely worth considering buying one of these all-in-one kits so you have everything you need at your disposal when you want to get down to some serious work on your muscles.