Foam Rollers - £20 to £30

A foam roller does a great job of keeping your muscles toned and primed for your next running session or workout in your local health club.


Strong, healthy muscle tissue and solid functional movement patterns will help any athlete perform better and avoid injury due to bad movement.


If you are not an athlete, maintaining these same solid functional movement patterns will lead to strong, pain-free movement well into your later years.


There are some excellent medium and high density quality rollers in this £20 to £30 price range from leading brand names including ResultSport, 66fit, Yoga Mad, Maximo Fitness, Fit Nation and Trigger Point Performance.



A foam roller is a must-have accessory when it comes to relieving tired muscles, as well as improving your core stability and flexibility.


They play a key role in aiding muscle recovery after a session at the gym - but it's also worth using a roller before a workout as it will help to release muscle toxins, which has the effect of enabling you to train harder and reduce the risk of injury.


It is important to learn how to use a foam roller correctly to really get the best out of it. You will get a much more intense massage when you shift your weight accurately to the spot on your muscle, directly above the roller. As the roller moves you need to shift your body weight slightly so that you are still 'heavy' on the device.  


Keeping your centre of mass over the roller may only require a small shift of your hips, but whatever you do, keep your spine tall and stable to avoid injury.

Not only does being 'heavy' on a roller increase the intensity and effectiveness of your deep tissue massage, it's also great training for your mobility level, core strength, and body awareness in general.


There are plenty of superb quality rollers in this price range in various sizes and colours including black, grey, pink, blue, purple and green.


There are various factors to take into consideration when choosing a foam roller, so take your time to ensure you buy one that's right for your needs.