Let's Get Ready to Rumble!  Enter the RumbleRoller

The RumbleRoller is the tool that seasoned foam rolling enthusiasts turn to when they want to hit the spots other devices just can't reach.


This powerhorse of a roller is second to none when it comes to ultra-deep penetration in the quest to break down those nasty trigger points that can cause so many problems. There are several reputable high density rollers on the market that can really do their stuff - but upgrading to a RumbleRoller will introduce you to another level of deep-tissue massage.


We feature the original 12.5 x 30cm RumbleRoller which is great for working on your legs and arms, and the larger 15 x 77cms RumbleRoller which is ideal for massaging your upper back.We also bring you the sister product, the RumbleRoller Gator which is used for cross frictional massage. This roller features a series of dimples on the surface, rather than the larger bumps or nodules found on the original RumbleRoller.


For good measure, we also feature variations of the original rumble roller, by other brands - namely the style of roller with deep bumps and knobs, which are perfect for penetrating deep into tired and knotted muscles.



If you want to develop and maintain long and smooth muscles, then a long-term commitment to recovery work with a foam roller is essential.


To be able to do this you are going to need a roller that is dependable, built to last and able to do what you ask of it - the trusty RumbleRoller delivers on every count.


This highly regarded tool has many soft, yet firm, knobs which are placed in a staggered pattern, and they are designed to feel just like the thumbs of a massage therapist.


These knobs are soft enough to yield to bone, but they are firm enough to dig into your soft muscle tissue. There's no shortage of devotees of the RumbleRoller who will enthusiastically put the case that it is the most complete deep-tissue self massage device around. In addition to providing a deep and rewarding massage, the RumbleRoller is designed to permanently maintain its shape.


Some traditional foam rollers will wear out and disintegrate after a while and become softer and less-effective after a few months of regular use - that's just not the case with the RumbleRoller ... it just keeps rolling along!  


Admittedly this excellent tool is a bit more expensive than some other rollers with protruding nodules to penetrate muscles - but the RumbleRoller is almost certain to outlive them and give you many more hours of faithful service, meaning that little bit extra you pay will turn out to be money well spent.


This superb roller does an amazing job at working those hard-to-reach knots - the resilience of the nodules on the surface allows them to deflect around your bones in order to home in more closely on the source of your tightness or discomfort.


You also be interested in the RumbleRoller Gator, a variation on the original product.  Unlike the standard RumbleRoller with its deep penetrating bumps, the Gator is designed for cross frictional massage, which is a process where a series of little dimples or teeth on the surface grasp and stretch the fascia underneath your skin.


The original RumbleRoller was first released in 2009 and is now used by millions of athletes and fitness fanatics in more than 40 countries around the world.