TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller - a 'Firm' Favourite!

The hugely-popular TriggerPoint GRID is the tool of choice for many rolling devotees who want nothing but the best results when it comes to tackling muscle tightness.


This really is a super foam roller - that's why it's widely recommended by physical therapists, sports training professionals and chiropractors across the UK.


If you want ease your sore muscles, improve your core stability, develop your flexibility and increase blood circulation - this roller won't let you down.

Costing around £30, the GRID roller really is great value for money. It also comes with a 12 month warranty.


We also feature other TriggerPoint variations on the original GRID roller, namely the extra firm GRID X and vibrating GRID VIBE. For good measure we also bring you a few cheaper rollers by other sports gear companies which still feature a muscle-penetrating grid-style surface.   



Every now and then a foam roller comes on to the fitness market and really gets everyone talking - that was certainly the case with the release of the TriggerPoint GRID a few years ago.


The founder of the TriggerPoint company, Cassidy Phillips, created the product after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. To avoid paying for a physiotherapist to work on his muscles he decided to create a product that would do exactly that - as a result of his efforts the idea of the GRID foam roller was born.


This roller has many benefits over some of the more traditional types - it is extremely durable and won't lose its shape like some products are inclined to do after a period of time. It has an ultra-hard hollow core, surrounded by a layer of EVA foam, so it really will stand the test of time.


Constant use causes some rollers to become mishapen and even fall apart, but you won't have that problem with this device which can withstand more than 500lbs of weight!


The TriggerPoint GRID roller features a series of different surface areas - referred to as Distrodensity Zones - which create the sensation of giving a variety of types of massage. It is also designed in a way that allows you to control the level of intensity.


These grids offer a more thorough massage experience for the user since the various patterns allows for more pressure on specific areas of the body.

The three types of zones let you choose the type of massage that you want depending on the kind of relief you are looking for.


The low and flat section of the roller is meant to feel like you are being massaged with a forearm or a palm. The pointier zone has the sensation of finger tips pressing on your skin.


Finally the medium tubular section of the foam roller is meant to feel like fingers and thumbs going to work on your muscles. This roller really is a cheaper option than paying for regular visits to a massage centre.


The GRID roller's hollow core means it features less foam, making it more green and environmentally friendly than some of its competitor products on the market.


This roller is wonderful for helping with recovery after a work out and can also play a key role in rehab after injury. It is also widely used in yoga and Pilates classes.


It is ideal for massaging various parts of the body including the lats, quads, triceps, biceps and others. It can be used by athletes for tightly corded muscles or anyone who prefers heavy pressure for their massages.


The TriggerPoint GRID2.0 and it predecessor, the original GRID, have been huge sellers for years and their impressive reputation for dealing with troublesome muscle knots means they will be 'firm' favourites with rolling fanatics for years to come.


Sister products the GRID X and GRID VIBE are also very popular with pro and amateur sports enthusiasts. The former is twice as firm as the original GRID and the later incorporates battery-powered vibration for extra deep massage.


We also feature several cheaper versions of the official Triggerpoint GRID device - these are produced by other sports gear retailers and still have the all-important grid design on the surface of the roller for enalbe deep penetration into tired or sore muscles.